Why is Wayaj unique?

Wayaj is the first app that allows travelers to search for and book eco-friendly trips. All of the destinations suggested by Wayaj are sustainable. These hotels have been evaluated using our detailed eco-rating system. We aim to provide Wayajers with a selection of places to stay, eat and shop, as well as sites to visit that are eco- friendly and authentic in the local community.

What does Wayaj mean?

Wayaj (pron.wha-ia-j) derives from the Kreyol word vwayaj which means travel, voyage, we simplified it a bit for those who do not speak Kreyol.

How do I know the destination I choose is actually green?

In order to help Wayajers select authentic sustainable places, we reach out to hotels and ask them to fill out our detailed questionnaire. Based on their answers, we score the destination based on our eco-rating system which keeps into consideration 7 essential factors:

  • Impact on local community
  • Water conservation
  • Management
  • Energy
  • Waste management
  • Local products purchasing policies
  • Indoor environment

To know more about how the Wayaj’s eco-rating is assessed please read this article.

Why is the rating pending?

The rating is pending because we are currently waiting for/analyzing the answers to the questionnaire to build the eco-rating score.

How do I add my hotel/resort/lodge/village?

There are 3 easy steps to add your property to Wayaj’s listings:
1) Enter the hotel information and fill our survey of sustainable practices here.
2) Our sustainability experts are going to review it and contact you in case they need clarifications.
3) If everything is Ok with your submission the listing is approved and it goes live.

How do I contact Wayaj?

We’d love to hear from you at hello@wayaj.com