Wayaj is the first travel app designed to explore and book sustainable and socially responsible vacations across the world. It aggregates the best offers available online in an engaging and user-friendly experience. All the destinations are scored using our original and comprehensive eco-rating system.

Wayaj leverages the power of tourism to promote the preservation of bio-diversity on our planet while empowering local communities. Wayaj is a native app aimed at the new generation of travelers who are increasingly aware of the effects of tourism on the environment and local communities, and for whom the smartphone is an essential travel companion.

Our first MVP was published in June 2017, during the year that the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) designated “The Year of Sustainable Tourism”. Since then, Wayaj has been growing to a full-fledged travel app for eco-conscious travelers by adding new functionalities and new destinations every month. We are proud to offer a wide variety of destinations in terms of experiences, locations, typology to fit any travel style and budget! The app has several built in features that help travelers makes the right decisions. All the destinations are rated using Wayaj’s ecoscore, a comprehensive tool that makes it easy to compare and evaluate the hotel’s sustainable practices. Another great environmentally friendly feature is the possibility for travelers to offset their trip’s carbon footprint in an easy and transparent way by choosing which projects they want to support.

Wayaj is currently available for iOS and Android, and it is free for users and free for hotels.

Wayaj for travelers

On Wayaj travelers can:

  • Discover unique ecofriendly resorts and hotels all over the world
  • Create their profile and set their travel preferences in terms of activities, attractions and settings at destination
  • Check easily the hotel’s sustainability rating with Wayaj’s ecoscore
  • Plan and customize their trip
  • Track their travel expenses and create reports
  • Offset their travel carbon footprint with a choice of U.N. certified projects
  • Enjoy exclusive promotions

Wayaj for hotels

According to a survey by Booking.com 73% of global travelers intend to stay at an ecofriendly accommodation at least once in 2019. However, many of them find it difficult to identify ecofriendly hotels. On Wayaj travelers can find a consistent and accurate evaluation of the sustainability practices worldwide. This means that hotels can find a highly motivated clientele. Furthermore, Wayaj provide the hotels the tools to create more personalized travel opportunities by adding experiences and special promotions for the potential customers.

To join Wayaj, hotels just need to fill up the eco-rating survey, the resulting scores will be part of their profile on the app. Our “Book it” button will link directly to the hotel’s own booking page, so there are no fees or middlemen to pay for reservations coming from Wayaj.

For any questions about joining Wayaj as an hotel please visit this page or contact us at sales [@] wayaj.com.

Made with 💚 in NY

The Wayaj app is a product of Isokan Collective, a new hybrid creative agency and production company which uses the power of marketing to elevate brands highlighting a wider range of values. As new generations of consumers demand more ethical approach to products and services, Isokan helps companies to emphasize the values important to their customers with innovative marketing services, including education and sustainability.