Wayaj for Sustainable Hotels

Do you want to join the growing worldwide community of sustainable hotels listed on Wayaj?

These are just some of them!

The process is really simple:

1) Create your account on Wayaj here.

2) Fill out the hotel information and the survey. If you need help to fill out some of the more technical questions you will find a link to download a pdf of the survey that you can forward to the person/s in charge.

3) Once the listing is completed, it will be reviewed by our sustainability experts and approved. In case there are any missing parts they will get in touch with you and help you finalize the survey.

If you want to know more about the criteria we use to create our eco score, before you open your account, here is a quick overview of Wayaj’s Eco-Rating System for Hotels and Resorts

Listing your ecohotel on Wayaj is FREE, and we mean it: no hidden fees, no affiliation fees, no referral fees.

We look forward to seeing your hotel on Wayaj!