Reduce plastic in your hotel

It’s Plastic Free July and a good time for hoteliers to think about the impact of plastic in their properties.  There are compelling reasons to do this as plastic pollution is contributing to the climate crisis and there are simple steps you can take to reduce plastic in your hotel. The scale of the plastic [...]

The triple bottom line and greening up finance

The triple bottom line and conscious capitalism are gaining traction.  Businesses are more aware of the need to approach the climate crisis and social injustices from an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) perspective. The triple bottom line - what does it mean? The triple bottom line means valuing people, planet and profit - preferably with [...]

Why is biodiversity important for the future of the tourism industry?

‘Why is biodiversity important?’ is a phrase you will probably hear quite often during May with World Bee Day on the 20th and International Day of Biodiversity on the 22nd. In this blog we want to show you how species have declined across the world and how the tourism industry and travelers can play an [...]

Food waste in hotels – reduce & make sustainable choices

Food has a very significant role to play in any sustainability strategy and encompasses a broad  array of environmental and social issues.  The choices made impact on climate change, human health and animal welfare.  Not surprising then that lowering your food footprint is one of the themes of this year’s Earth Day campaign. Food waste [...]

Just a Drop provides clean water and sanitation

Clean water and sanitation is part of our 'water' focus for March 2021.   Water management is one of the 7 Pillars of the Wayaj Hotel Sustainability Rating (HSR) and it is essential to human life. It is World Water Day on March 22nd and we are delighted to interview Fiona Jeffery, Founder and CEO of [...]

Saving water in hotels – best practices revealed

Saving water in hotels is covered by the Wayaj Hospitality Sustainability Rating (HSR).  When you become a Wayaj hotel member, you will need to complete a questionnaire covering seven key areas.  These areas relate to the most significant contributors towards environmental and social issues in the hospitality industry. Water is an important part of the [...]

Wayaj Declares a Climate Emergency

Wayaj is delighted to join Tourism Declares A Climate Emergency as part of this growing community of travel organizations, companies and professionals who are coming together to find solutions to climate change.   Wayaj was founded to fight climate change Wayaj was set up precisely to offer travelers and hoteliers solutions in the fight against climate [...]

Carbon offsetting is an important part of a hotel sustainability strategy

Carbon offsetting is a phrase which is being increasingly used in the tourism industry. Travelers are looking for ways to reduce the impact of their own lives, particularly linked to travel.  This is one part of the sustainability jigsaw, which is creating a competitive advantage for forward-thinking hotels. Market research shows that adopting sustainability is [...]

Sustainability in the hospitality industry – Top Tips for getting started

Sustainability in the hospitality industry has risen up the agenda as we enter 2021.  The pandemic is starting to loosen its grip with the roll out of vaccines together with testing regimes and improved hygiene protocols.  Hoteliers can start thinking about how to attract guests and raise occupancy rates to sustainable levels.   The world [...]

Your Sustainable Christmas Guide

This Sustainable Christmas Guide is designed to help you make sustainable choices for Christmas 2020 and will probably save you money, help to cut back on waste and keep you healthier. #1 Real or artificial Christmas Tree? Many people have put their Christmas tree up earlier this year to bring some ‘festive cheer’ at a [...]

Eco adventure tourism: impactful for you, the planet and local people

Eco adventure tourism was the focus of our last edition of Responsible Travel Makers for 2020.  It featured two pioneers in the field: Renée H. Kimball of Tranquilo Bay Eco Adventure Lodge and Dr Marc van Loo of LooLa Eco Adventure.  They really showed us how adopting an eco business plan makes good commercial sense [...]

Sustainability-One of Four Trends for the Future

According to a report by the World Travel & Tourism Council and Oliver Wyman Sustainability in tourism is one of the key factors for creating positive change as a result of the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 'To Recovery and Beyond: The Future of Travel and Tourism in the wake of Covid-19' is a [...]

What is Conscious Luxury?

Courtesy of Bawah Reserve Indonesia Conscious luxury is a term which is being used increasingly in the brave new world of tourism. In our October edition of Responsible Travel Makers, we showcased two Wayaj member resorts who are truly defining the term ‘conscious luxury’. Bawah Reserve in Indonesia and Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman.  [...]

Climate change and tourism:

“Mother Earth is in intensive care” This was a telling statement by Hitesh Mehta, one of the panelists for Wayaj’s Climate Week Responsible Travel Makers series. The three sessions during Climate Week New York 2020 addressed the issues of climate change in relation to travel and tourism. Each of the three discussions are available on [...]

A Holistic Approach to Hotel Reopening After COVID-19

As countries around the world restart their economies and lift international travel restrictions, hotels are also slowly beginning to reopen their doors. Due to the spread of COVID-19, one thing we know for sure is that there will be several new normals where travel is concerned. As a result, there are new procedures that will […]

Best Sustainable Cleaning and Sanitizing Practices to Reopen Your Hotel After COVID-19

COVID-19 has undoubtedly shaken the travel and hospitality industry to its core. So much so that many experts believe this pandemic will lead to new normals that look vastly different from the travel life we once knew. For hotels around the world that have felt the sting of this pandemic, it is crucial to begin […]

Carbon Neutral Eco-friendly Hotels Around The Globe

Wayajers love to travel. But those voyages can produce a great deal of carbon dioxide. One way to lower the greenhouse gas emissions of our travels is to stay at carbon neutral, eco-friendly hotels. Many of these establishments power themselves with solar energy or biofuel. Some also offset the CO2 emissions generated by international flights […]

11 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products For Your Hotel

COVID-19 has impacted the hospitality industry in many ways. For one, we can expect people to be more conscious of the sanitary conditions at hotels they frequent. Even before the global pandemic took rise, Nielsen conducted a study showing that 81% of consumers strongly prefer to patronize companies that help improve the environment in their […]

10 Destinations You Can Visit Without Leaving Your Living Room

With so much uncertainty in the air and countries closing their borders everywhere, it’s becoming more and more certain that social distancing and stay at home may be our new normal for quite some time. In the United States the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise along with orders to stay home and quarantine. […]

Coronavirus is Teaching Us the Importance of a More Sustainable Lifestyle (And Travel)

The rapid spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a devastating ripple throughout the world, shaking up our daily lives while echoing the importance of sustainability. As city after city enforces a lockdown in order to contain and hopefully stop the spreading of the virus, a new era of sustainability is beginning to unfold. China [...]

10 Women In Sustainable Travel to Follow

Women have consistently held a prominent place at the forefront of our biggest social movements, and sustainability is no exception. With increasing global environmental issues caused by travel, there is a fresh wave of women who have dedicated their lives to educating the public and sharing resources on how to travel while caring for the [...]

Five Eco-Friendly Cities To Visit

The statistics and the reality of pollution and climate change can certainly seem scary. But there are cities that are fighting back, and…they’re winning! The idea of the modern world being kind to nature is not just a utopian fairytale. There are places all over the world that are doing just that right now! The […]

How to Celebrate Carnival Sustainably in 2020

Carnival season is finally upon us. That time of the year when thousands of revelers travel to different parts of the world to celebrate the occasion with colorful costumes and exuberant street parades. Carnival is an annual popular festival that usually occurs before the onset of Lent. These public celebrations usually feature street parties, parades, [...]

HBD Principe Group: The Hospitality Group Showing The Way in Sustainability

When National Geographic names your resort one of the best eco-friendly hotels in the world, you know you’re on to something. HBD Príncipe group is the hospitality brand responsible for some of the most sustainable resorts in São Tomé Island and Príncipe Island including Bom Bom Príncipe, Omali, Sundy Praia and Roça Sundy. Since its […]

Wayaj to focus on sustainable travel tools

Today, in conjunction with its participation at StartUpgrind Global Conference in Silicon Valley, Wayaj launched its revamped website to reflect a new focus on providing an increasing suite of sustainable travel tools. Wayaj's mission is to offer information and means aimed at helping travelers make responsible choices in the context of the fight against climate [...]

Hotels Built With Sustainability in Mind

From hotels situated in the Ecuadorian cloud forest to reclaimed villages in Italy, some of the most unique hotels around the world were built with sustainability in mind. That special touch even extends to their origins and how they were created. We’ve rounded up a few of these most uniquely built, environmentally-friendly hotels that will […]

15 Sustainable Travel Trends For 2020

The new year has just begun and many avid travelers are already planning their 2020 itineraries. Now that the number of travelers who prefer eco-friendly activities and accommodations is on the rise, we’re looking ahead for some of the hottest and emerging sustainable travel trends for next year. Before you book that trip you’ve been […]

5 Mountain Trekking Adventures, and Eco Friendly Accommodations to Enjoy Them!

Since the dawn of time mountains had a special attraction for humans, permanent, motionless and reaching up to the sky. In all cultures they were considered mystical places, the home of gods. In modern times, we still love mountains for their challenges and the exhilarating rewards that they bestow on us when we overcome them. [...]

Wayaj 3.0 update is here!

For a startup that has been around for just two years we really didn't expect to reach 3.0 so fast. However, this summer our team really got down to business and was able to push out several important new features which definitely called for a 3.0 release. Let's start from the newly redesigned landing page, [...]

Wayaj at Climate Week New York 2019

Wayaj is thrilled to announce that this year we will be part of Climate Week NY, one of the most important appointments for climate action worldwide. On September 23rd, 2019 we are joining forces with the Hotel Association of New York City and the New York Institute of Technology to present “Planning towards 2030. Challenges [...]

5 top eco-tourism destinations across Africa

Africa is definitely THE top travel destination this year. This is just the most recent evidence of an ongoing trend, compared to all the other regions of the world, this continent has registered the second highest tourism growth (+4.7%) in the last decade, behind Asia and the East Pacific region. According to the UNWTO, Africa's [...]

Eco-friendly Summer Gear

Summer is here and it’s officially time to get outdoors and have fun! It's often when we are outside that we really can see the effects of our choices on the environment, but there are ways to enjoy the sunny season in an earth friendly way. As always it is a matter of choice: what [...]

Find it on Wayaj: Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort

If you want to experience a vacation of serenity and romance, look no further than the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in Aruba. This adults-only beachfront property welcomes guests 18 years and older who seek tranquility. You won’t find weddings on the beach or even ambient music here. No speakers are allowed at the pool or at the beach.   What you will discover are well-appointed guestrooms, suites, and penthouses, padded […]

Beach, culture and adventure: 5 ecofriendly Mediterranean destinations to discover this summer

Art that spans thousands of years, delicious healthy food, a constellation of amazing islands, the Mediterranean with its variety of cultures and sceneries has been a favorite destinations of tourists from all over the world for decades -if not centuries, and that’s why some of its most popular destinations are faced with serious overtourism problems […]

Ecofriendly wellness travel destinations

Wellness tourism is one of the hottest trends of the industry in 2019. The Global Wellness Institute predicts that this year, the numbers of wellness trips could reach 1 billion, which would mark a 44% growth in only 4 years! Traveling for wellness is nothing new, after all that's the very definition of a vacation, [...]

Earth Day Gifts to Green Up Your Life

Earth Day is a day to give thanks to the planet. So many us are concerned about how we treat the earth, and with good reason! The alarming data surrounding climate change and diminishing resources have forced the average person to consider their own footprint as well as their ability to change. And while three-quarters [...]

Find it on Wayaj: Stanford Inn by the Sea

From the moment you arrive at the Stanford Inn by the Sea, the salty energizing scent of the Pacific greets you. Located in Mendocino, a tranquil coastal community known for its breathtaking cliff-side trails and the beaches of Mendocino Headlands State Park, this ecoresort and historic farm is all about switching the pace and reconnecting [...]

Green Key: Unlocking sustainability in the hospitality industry

When it comes to travel, modern nomads and voyagers increasingly want to travel in a sustainable way and to eco-friendly destinations  To make sure that our wanderlust respects the environment and the local communities, eco-conscious travelers can check Wayaj's comprehensive eco score and verify that the hotel they’re planning on visiting has a veritable eco [...]

Eco-friendly hotels supporting local communities

The hotels and resorts of Wayaj do a lot for the environment, but many contribute so much more to the communities around them. At Wayaj, we believe that sustainable means much more that using solar panels or avoiding plastic straws, that's why we employ several criteria to create our eco score. Whether it’s working with [...]

How to travel green for business

Over 80 percent of global travelers say that they want to travel sustainably, according to a Sustainable Travel Report released by While all Wayajers enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people, and sampling local foods, in a more sustainable way, it’s easy to feel guilty about the impact our travel has on the planet.  But what about [...]

Wayaj is a Finalist at Be the Change Awards!

We are thrilled to announce that Wayaj is a finalist in the Travel category of the Be The Change Awards 2019! The awards aim to recognize independent, ethical and sustainable brands that are striving to have a positive impact on communities, people and the planet. Organized by Ethical Hour and Where Does It Come From?, the first ever [...]

Wayaj 2.0 is out!

Call it intuition or having a finger on the pulse, but we feel that 2019 is going to be THE year of sustainable travel!  From large hotel chains upping their efforts to be green to increasing numbers of travelers expressing preference for eco-friendly experiences, the travel and tourism industry seems to finally be taking on [...]

Earth Friendly Destinations for an Awesomely Different Spring Break

This year stay away from the rowdy crowds of students on Spring break and enjoy authentic bonding experiences with your travel companions. Whether you are traveling with friends, family or maybe future family, we’ve got a selection of places to travel to which won’t be filled with beer pong players AND give you great spring break bragging rights. After [...]

Find it on Wayaj: Elewana Kilindi Zanzibar

"Atangaye na jua hujuwa" it is a local proverb which means "He who wanders around by day a lot, learns a lot" in Kiswahili, the official language of Zanzibar. Indeed, there is a lot to wander around and learn on these islands off the coast of East Africa and part of Tanzania. Their natural habitat and [...]

Romantic ecofriendly destinations to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. If you're still looking for ideas to sweep your loved one off their feet, read on and act fast! From an amorous evening in high atop a mountain with a view over St. Moritz's valley to a couples massage by a river in Bali, here’s a list of earth-friendly [...]

6 Organic Restaurants to Enjoy When Traveling

One of the greatest things about exploring a country is getting to know its culture by tasting the local culinary specialties. Whether it’s fluffy Ladakhi bread baked in the house of the former king or a celery and green apple granita in a Portuguese vineyard, we’ve put together a list of some of the best [...]

Top Eco-Friendly Winter Gear

Top Eco-Friendly Winter Gear There’s a revolution happening with sustainable materials! Here at Wayaj we’re discovering winter products that are not only vegan, but eco-friendly as well. One such material is “Thermore Ecodown,” a feather free filler that keeps you warm even in frigid temperatures; then there’s a luxurious faux fur made from recycled PET [...]

Find it on Wayaj: Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald

Just in time for the peak ski season, today we launch our series of hotel profiles with Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald a century old family run property which combines traditional Swiss hospitality with a commitment to modern sustainable practices. Sustainability efforts   “The decision to be more sustainable came from my parents in 1986,” says Philip [...]

5 Great Eco Adventures Off the Beaten Path to Do in 2019

Be one step ahead of the crowds of hipsters and aspiring travel bloggers with these 5 unique eco adventures to enjoy in 2019.

Ecotravel Bucket List 2019

Hello Wayajers! As another year ends and a new one begins, it is the perfect time to make plans and set intentions for next turn of the wheel. Ecotourism is poised to be one of the main travel trends in 2019 -and it will keep growing in the following years, so we want to hear [...]

10 Gift Ideas for the Eco Traveler

It's just over 10 days to Christmas!! If you're still missing some gifts for your favorite fellow green travelers, here are some last minute ideas for all pockets and travel styles. To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensil Set There’s no need to use wasteful plastic cutlery when you travel. This lightweight reusable bamboo utensil set created by [...]

Best Christmas fairs for ecofriendly travelers

‘Tis the season to be jolly…and to travel! The weeks before Christmas are one of the best times to visit Europe. Not only it's low travel season (cheaper, less crowded ...), but cities, towns and villages, all get in the season's festive mood with ornate light decorations, special events and local crafts markets. In recent [...]

Travel Giving Tuesday: Donate for Environment and Community

As world travelers, we know first hand how much needs to be done to preserve the beautiful diversity of our planet and support the native communities that often are the guardians of these natural treasures.  Since this objectives are also part of any wholesome sustainability policy, many of the hotels listed on Wayaj actively work [...]

5 Ecofriendly Beach Destinations

Whether you are a jetsetter or a backpacker, if you plan to have an eco-friendly vacation, on Wajay you’ll find the ideal destination. Here are a few suggestions based on travel types, fashionable, active, with kids, splurge and budget , to help you planning your perfect earth friendly beach escape.

13 Haunted Places to Visit for Halloween

This year bring together your passion for travel and upgrade your Halloween experience to something more realistic that plastic puppets and spooky paraphernalia by visiting one of this haunted cities and locations from around the world. From serial murders scenes and plague infested halls to vicious landlords and pagan sacrifices, these are 13 (!) most spectral places to visit to get real for Halloween.

6 Eco-Friendly Weekend Ideas To Welcome Fall and Beat the End of Summer Blues 

Good bye long days, warm weather, light clothes and the great outdoors. All around the Northern hemisphere schools are reopening, thus marking the unofficial end of the summer. This change of season can be saddening, if not traumatic (yes, we know a few beach animals!), for some, that’s why we put together a few ideas for short eco-friendly trips and activities to beat the end of summer blues. 

Elephant Day 2017: eco-friendly destinations to help the elephants’ cause

Since 2012, August 12th marks World Elephant Day, a reminder to preserve and protect the elephants around the world. As the tiger, the elephant is another animal that has accompanied humans in their legends, stories and daily lives for millennia.

Green Travel Gear: 12 essential items 

Choosing sustainable hotels and transportation are important factors to travel in an environmentally friendly way, however, the choices made when packing have also consequences on the environment. Here are a few essential items to bring along to make sure your travel will leave the smallest carbon foot-print as possible.  Let’s start from the suitcase, an essential companion especially for all those trips that last more than a weekend. The [...]