A Holistic Approach to Hotel Reopening After COVID-19

As countries around the world restart their economies and lift international travel restrictions, hotels are also slowly beginning to reopen their doors. Due to the spread of COVID-19, one thing we know for sure is that there will be several new normals where travel is concerned. As a result, there are new procedures that will need to be implemented in order for guests to feel safe while staying at hotels.

During the May webinar organized for our Sustainable Hospitality in Progress initiative, we gathered a panel of experts and seasoned professionals of the hospitality industry to discuss the procedures and protocols hotels are executing in order to achieve a successful reopening, and gain the trust of visitors in a post-pandemic world. José Luis Alonso, Managing Director of Muralto Madrid Princesa, Jordi Castelló, Professor of Tourism Market Structures & Sustainability at Ostelea Tourism Management School, and Jan Korta the Director of Sales and Marketing at Trziste Luxury Group, joined live Brian Dass, Chief Strategist and Technology Officer at Wayaj, to reveal the challenges and the solutions at their respective establishments and what has been learned, how marketing and distribution play a significant role in reopening how these insights can be leveraged to build resilient organizations, and more. 

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