Sustainable Hospitality in Progress

Sustainable Hospitality in Progress is a digital initiative spearheaded by Wayaj to promote the diffusion of the best sustainable practices in hospitality by encouraging the exchange of information among the industry’s professionals.

The initiative encompasses a series of monthly webinars focusing on specific challenges faced by hotels and other hospitality operators implementing sustainable solutions at their properties.

Starting on Earth Day 2020, the Sustainable Hospitality in Progress webinar aims to become a valuable opportunity to get together and be inspired by industry leaders. Each webinar is followed by a Q&A session. However, we believe that an ongoing engagement is key to move forward at the speed needed to fight effectively the current climate emergency. For this reason we have launched the Sustainable Hospitality in Progress group on Linkedin, a forum where all members can continue the conversation on the most pressing challenges faced by the industry and explore some of the solutions that other experiences might bring forward.

At Wayaj, we support a wide definition of sustainability, one that includes not only technologies, facilities and processes but also socio-economic factors such as labour practices and local community empowerment through cultural recognition and safeguard.


Make the right choice for our planet and for your business!



July 22nd, 2020, h. 11 a.m. EDT:

Sustainability Mavens – Episode 1

Showcasing the Best Sustainable Practices in Hospitality

This new series of webinars is aimed at eco-conscious travelers that are exploring their next destinations. Each episode will feature 2-3 hotels presenting their property and highlighting their sustainable practices and other local eco-friendly attractions.

Past Webinars

June 24, 2020, h. 11 a.m. EDT:

Social Media for Hospitality during COVID-19

Storytelling to Promote A New Sustainable Normal

In partnership with Shoot My Travel

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May 20, 2020, h. 11 a.m. EDT:

A Holistic Approach to Hotel Reopening After COVID-19.

Because going back to normal is not an option

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April 22, 2020, h. 11 a.m. EDT:

Healthy Hotel, Healthy Business.

Preparing Your Property for Business After COVID-19

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