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Call it intuition or having a finger on the pulse, but we feel that 2019 is going to be THE year of sustainable travel!  From large hotel chains upping their efforts to be green to increasing numbers of travelers expressing preference for eco-friendly experiences, the travel and tourism industry seems to finally be taking on the challenge of climate change.

In anticipation, we’ve released Wayaj 2.0 with new functions, features, and improvements. … Whether it’s skiing in Switzerland, surfing in Australia, or exploring the rainforest of Costa Rica, Wayaj has got you covered!

To help you navigate the Wayaj app and discover all its features old and new, we’ve put together this handy guide.


When you open the Wayaj app, after the login screen you’ll find the Discovery page. This is where you get your dose of travel eye-candy, and start exploring our the selection of wonderful eco-friendly spots around the world!

If you prefer to look by location, you can click the map to explore the listings based on their location or select the filter icon and set your preferences in terms of price and eco score.

Hotel Listing

Did you find a listing that strikes your fancy or you’re just curious to see what’s that special deal marked with the yellow ribbon? Click it and you open the Hotel Listing page.

Promotions (NEW)

Starting from the top, if you see a yellow ribbon with a gift icon it means that the hotel is offering a special promotion to Wayajers.  To see the details of the offer you can click the yellow strip under the title, if you decide that’s a great offer and you’re ready to book you can just follow the link at the bottom to start planning your trip the coupon will be automatically added to your reservation (see “Plan a Trip” below).


The About section is the first tab of the hotel listing. Here, you can find a description of the destination with highlights of its attractions and activities. Discover more about a property by clicking through the different sections.


Bathrobe, mosquito net, in-room coffeemaker, etc. No matter what the amenity is that makes it or breaks it for you, there’s a comprehensive list in this section.


What’s outside your room? Pool, restaurant, canopy deck, meeting room or game room, etc. From the usual to the unique, we list all of the additional spaces offered by each hotel.

 Experiences (NEW)

This brand new feature allows users to browse all the experiences available for each and every hotel: boat rides, cooking classes, yoga classes, guided tours, etc. What you do at the destination is often as important (if not more important) than where you stay. Explore all the possibilities and fine-tune your travel plans. The information includes description, cost, difficulty, and availability throughout the year.

Activities & Attractions

Snorkeling, bird watching, hiking, waterfalls, archeological ruins, etc. These two sections feature all the things to do and see at or around each hotel. While the activities listed are at each hotel, experiences can be organized by the visitors independently outside of the hotel.


Is the hotel location convenient for what you’re planning to do? See it in this section where you’ll find a map and get all other contact information.


You love what you’re seeing but you’re not ready to start planning a trip there yet? Tap the heart on the upper-right side of the page, and it will automatically be  added to the “Saved” section, ready to retrieve when you will be ready to go.

Plan a Trip

When you’ve found the perfect destination for your very much deserved getaway, you can make a reservation right in the app! Just hit the PLAN YOUR TRIP strip located at the bottom of the page and start entering all the details of your reservation: dates, type of room, number of rooms, kids, and pets…

On this page you can also see your travel carbon footprint. That’s the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted to reach your destination and come back. The travel industry is the fourth major producer of carbon dioxide globally. Let’s not forget that our curiosity to discover this beautiful planet has a steep price in environmental terms!

<< Spoiler Alert  >> 

Wayaj will soon offer the possibility to offset your travel carbon footprint in-app with just a few clicks. This is a crucial feature we’re presently working on. There’s no way around all the oil burned by transportation, and if you really want to travel green, your voyage should be carbon neutral.

Eco Score

Under the Eco score tab, Wayaj offers an overview of the destination’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

The score is compiled by looking at these factors:

  • Material & Resources
  • Management
  • Community
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Energy

Read more about Wayaj’s eco rating system and how it’s calculated.

If the hotel has any green certifications and shares their sustainable policies, they’ll also be listed here.


Help other Wayajers to make the right choice and make the most of the location, compliment the staff, warn of any “greenwashing”, use this space to tell others about your experience. You can just give a rating or write e full review and add your best shots.


Adventurous or cultural, active or relaxing, with kids or romantic, we all have our own personal travel style and Wayaj aims to help you discover the perfect destinations and experiences that fit your preferences. The profile is where you tell us a bit about you, so Wayaj can do its magic -with the help of machine-learning- and bring to your attention all the destinations and the special offers that might interest you.

You can select your preferences based on:

  • Activities (ziplining, snorkeling, winter sports,…)
  • Natural Settings (jungle, beach, countryside …)
  • Attractions (nightlife or wildlife, art or caves…)


These are just some of the main features of Wayaj, but there is more to discover, including some hidden fun tricks! Download it now and start exploring.

Climate change, pollution, overtourism, wildlife extinction, human trafficking are just some of the problems affecting our planet and also connected to travel, that’s why now more than ever, sustainable travel is the right choice to preserve the beauty and diversity of our planet for future generations to enjoy.

Get Wayaj to discover where and how you can choose Earth Friendly Travel!

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