Wayaj to focus on sustainable travel tools

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Today, in conjunction with its participation at StartUpgrind Global Conference in Silicon Valley, Wayaj launched its revamped website to reflect a new focus on providing an increasing suite of sustainable travel tools.

Wayaj’s mission is to offer information and means aimed at helping travelers make responsible choices in the context of the fight against climate change.

The startup’s site and apps (iOS and Android) currently feature:

As more and more travelers are becoming aware of the role of greenhouse gas emissions in the current climate crisis, Wayaj provides the most accurate travel carbon footprint calculator available online thanks to its detailed list of means of transportation and multi-stop design.

The calculator ties in with the possibility to purchase certified offset by financing a variety of projects throughout the world.

Another core feature of Wayaj is its thorough and easy-to-use hotel sustainability rating. Each property on the platform is scored using its proprietary algorithm according to seven criteria: energy, water, waste, community impact, purchasing, indoor quality, and management. 

Wayaj’s new focus also entails an increased involvement of its users believing that, in addressing the climate emergency, every single act matters, no matter how small. That’s why Wayaj aims not only to educate travelers on how their choices affect the places they visit, but also to encourage their direct participation to actively promote change in travel habits and practices.

Nelly Gedeon, Founder and CEO of Wayaj, explains “As more travelers state their intentions to choose eco-friendly hotels, and reduce their carbon footprint, Wayaj is building a growing suite of tools for them to explore the world while protecting it ”. 

Wayaj was founded in 2017 in New York. It currently lists 400 sustainable hotels in 102 countries offering a wide range of accommodations and destinations to fit any travel style and budget.

Learn more about Wayaj at

StartUpGrind Global Conference booth #91,

and at the Pitch Stage at 2.45 pm,

February 11th, 2020.

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