10 Women In Sustainable Travel to Follow

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Women have consistently held a prominent place at the forefront of our biggest social movements, and sustainability is no exception. With increasing global environmental issues caused by travel, there is a fresh wave of women who have dedicated their lives to educating the public and sharing resources on how to travel while caring for the earth and the cultures we encounter. Indeed, studies by research company Mintel have revealed that women are more active in topics surrounding ethics and sustainability. To celebrate Women’s History Month, we’ve put together a list of amazing women that through their digital channels are helping spread the word about sustainable travel. 

Kate, Travel For Difference

Passions: EcoTravel x Wildlife Conservation

Kate completely changed the course of her life when a trip to India influenced her to quit her job as a makeup artist and begin living a life built around sustainability. Through her blog Travel For Difference, the environmental activist educates readers about all things eco travel from mindful travel and wildlife conservation to responsible hiking and the perils of climate change. With a goal of demonstrating how each of us can strive towards living compassionately through our travels, Kate’s blog is a must-read for the eco-traveler!


Valeria Hinojosa 

Passions: Eco Travel x Ethical Fashion

Valeria went from working at a private bank to being a yogi and full time conscious traveler and blogger. After founding the blog WaterThruSkin, this Miami-based Latina began using her platform to inform readers on how to live and travel consciously. Visiting eco-friendly hotels around the world, she has dedicated much of her time to educating readers on everything from green design and plant-based cuisine to ways to live and travel responsibly.

Photo Credit: @WaterThruSkin


Ashley Renne

Passions: Eco Travel x Smart Tech

Atlanta-based blogger, Ashley Renne, wears many hats including eco-enthusiast, video creator, photographer (as evidenced by her beautiful travel photos!), and writer. After witnessing waste and pollution at a beach in Bali, Ashley developed a new found passion for eco-friendly travel. Through Travel Lush, she gives us a glimpse into her eco travel experiences while highlighting sustainable hotels and tourism around the world. She also walks the walk when she isn’t traveling by incorporating sustainable habits into her daily life. From adapting a vegan diet to buying an electric car and even building an energy-efficient smart home. We stan!

Photo Credit: @heyashleyrenne


Stef Guglielmi

Passions: Eco Travel x Luxury

Italian-native Stefania Guglielmi is the woman behind the travel blog Every Steph, where she combines sustainable travel with glamour. With a background in fashion and a love for travel, you can find a number of posts showing how to travel sustainably without giving up luxury. In her own words: “I refuse to give up either glamour or an eco-friendly lifestyle, and I want to show you that sustainable travel can easily go hand in hand with a touch of luxury.” Added Bonus: Her travel images on Instagram are truly superlative!

Photo Credit: @EverySteph


Sunshine Abou Bakar

Passions: Conscious Travel x Family Travel

This Caribbean Brooklynite is a mother and a fierce advocate for conscious travel, cultural conservation, and black travel. Sunshine uses her blog African Boheme as a platform to inspire families to travel with their children, and do so sustainably. Her personal motto? “Children are going to throw tantrums no matter where you are, might as well deal with the tantrum 30,000 feet in the air en route to paradise.” African Boheme features tips on traveling sustainably with children, ethical fashion, and more daily eco-friendly gems. 



Passions: Eco Travel x Wildlife

Meet Marlina, the conservation storyteller behind the blog Mar Gone Wild. This California native shifted gears in her early 20s and went from being an NFL cheerleader and professional dancer to a conservation biologist, filmmaker and wildlife travel blogger. What motivated her to make that switch? During her post-graduate career she took on an advertising role at a new cleaning company. Through her own research, she learned of the major lack in environmentally conscious cleaning services, sparking a new love for sustainability. On Mar Gone Wild you can find a number of blog posts to help you carefully navigate the world of wildlife with stories of adventure, ecotourism and sustainable living; not to mention stunning photos of some of your favorite animals in their natural habitat.

Photo Credit: @marlinamoreno

Rose Cornwell

Passions: Responsible Travel x Adventure

Discovering the horrific environmental impact of traveling left Rose shocked and moved to take action. Thus, she created The Uprooted Rose to guide those who love to travel while preserving nature. Today, this nomad travels the world to learn about sustainable business and conservation while sharing her adventures. Through The Uprooted Rose you’ll gain insight on ethical and sustainable travel as well as the cultures, places and organizations doing their part to create positive change.

Photo Credit: @TheUprootedRose

Misty Foster

Passion: Sustainable Travel

Misty is the Founder and Chief Explorer of The Green Suitcase Travel blog. Representing a collective of travelers and innovators across industries, the travel consultant and green enthusiast turned her passion into a major resource for travelers wanting to leave a lasting, positive impact. Take a gander through Green Suitcase Travel and you’ll learn more about global sustainable tourism from India to Guatemala.

Photo Credit: @greensuitcasetravel

Kat Burrington

Passions: Sustainable Travel, Culture & Cuisines

West Sussex-native Kat Burrington is a woman of many talents with degrees in zoology, graphic design, photography, and psychology, but her passions live in travel. Kat’s love for adventure and sustainability lead to her becoming the first and only individual to win the AITO Responsible Tourism Award for her work with health and education projects in The Gambia. Follow her travel adventures through her blog Travel With Kat where you’ll find travel recommendations, cultural pieces and more.

Photo Credit: @travelwithkat

Dr. Kiona

Passions: Culture x Community

Dr. Kiona, Ph.D., M.S., M.A. is a Hawaiian, Texas-native who dedicates her time to shining a light on different cultures and marginalized voices around the world, inspiring people to be respectful of local traditions and communities. Her blog How Not To Travel Like A Basic Bitch is an amazing resource offering accurate storytelling from a number of marginalized perspectives in the travel world, and honest travel advice to help travelers feel confident while also checking their privilege. The blog also shows how our travel experiences impact local communities. What we love most about Dr. Kiona is her dedication to highlighting the unheard voices of people of color in travel. You’ll find a number of first-hand travel accounts and tips from “traveling while native” to “traveling while queer.” We love it! 

Photo Credit: @hownottotravellikeabasicbitch

From wildlife conservation and ecoluxe to family travel and culture, these women represent very different approaches to sustainable travel, but they are all united by the mission to inspire mindful travelers around the world. As our CEO, Nelly Gedeon, so succinctly put it, “…women have always been agents of change; the movement toward sustainability is no different.” Onward and forward, for the good of our planet!

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