Travel Giving Tuesday: Donate for Environment and Community

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As world travelers, we know first hand how much needs to be done to preserve the beautiful diversity of our planet and support the native communities that often are the guardians of these natural treasures.  Since this objectives are also part of any wholesome sustainability policy, many of the hotels listed on Wayaj actively work with non-profit organizations, there fore if travel is your passion, here are some worthy travel-related environmental and social charities and non-for-profit organizations to make the most of Giving Tuesday.

Land & Life Foundation (East Africa)

The Land & Life Foundation is the charitable sideof Elewana and Cheli & Peacock Safaris. Working with communities and conservation projects in the areas surrounding Elewana’s properties, the Land & Life Foundation supports local people and preserves the wildlife and habitats of these important landscapes. With all operational costs covered by Elewana, 100% of every single donation goes straight to benefit the communities, schools and wildlife in the areas around Elewana’s properties work.

Yachana foundation

Yachana Foundation (Ecuador)

The Yachana Foundation together with the Yachana Lodge runs education and hands-on training programs to provide locals with the skills to improve their lives and protect their rainforest. For over 24 years Yachana has implemented improvements in local communities in the areas of education, training, community development, health, micro-enterprise and micro-finance while exposing needs to the world through its tourism programs. Staying at the Yachana Lodge offers opportunities to visit an indigenous healer, make chocolate from local cacao beans, help local farmers and hike in a 2,500 acre rainforest reserve.

White Hawk Foundation (Costa Rica)

Lana Wedmore, owner of the Luna Lodge, is the founder and president of the White Hawk Foundation, which actively protects and preserves the ecosystems and biodiversity on the Osa Penininsula in Costa Rica. The Foundation collaborates with national and international research institutions, organizations, and businesses to improve the understanding and exploration of one of the most biodiverse places on earth. They also work to expand critical habitat corridors around the Corcovado National Park by acquiring privately held lands along the borders to ensure the survival of native populations and to prevent isolation and extinction.

Daughters Rising (Thailand)

The Chai Lai Orchid is much more than an ecofriendly hotel. Through the Daughters Rising anti-trafficking organization, they provide a safe home, education, and employment, which empowers women in Thailand to rise above poverty and help their communities. With so much exploitative tourism in the world, Chai Lai Orchid strives to be different by prioritizing social transformation over profit.

Rainforest Alliance (International)

From fighting deforestation and climate change to building economic opportunities and better working conditions for rural people, the Rainforest Alliance focuses on urgent environmental and social challenges in crucial regions. For over 30 years, this international organization has been working to preserve forests and wildlife by promoting a sustainable approach to food, farming and economic development. Within this scope, they also certify sustainable hospitality in rainforest areas.

Riviera Maya Tulum Sea Turtle Conservation Program (Mexico)

The Riviera Maya is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Americas, and for this reason the unique natural habitat that attracts tourists is threatened by the economic development of the region.

Since 1998, Nueva Vida De Ramiro Ecolodge , one of the ecohotels that you can find on Wayaj, has collaborated with the Riviera Maya Tulum Sea Turtle Conservation Program for the conservation of endangered and nesting turtles. The program was created to protect, monitor, investigate and conserve the population of sea turtles that come and spawn in the nesting beaches of the central coast of Quintana Roo.

Sustainable Travel International

Sustainable Travel International is currently campaigning for donations to  supports the MesoAmerican Reef Initiative (MARTI) . The world’s second largest coral reef is threatened by the exponential development of tourism in the region.  MARTI focuses on balanced development that maintains a thriving tourism industry while supporting local communities and promoting practices to preserve a healthy ecosystem.

Friends of Flora (New Zealand)

Wherever an hotel is based, it is crucial  that it helps to maintain the natural environmental balance, especially if they are surrounded by unique habitats. The Resurgence Luxury Eco Lodge supports local conservation efforts alongside its own ecosystem restoration by working with Friends of Flora, a community group advocating the preservation of New Zealand’s native wildlife for future generations. In collaboration with the Department of Conservation, FoF works to protect and/or return endangered flora and fauna to the Flora Stream catchment area in Kahurangi National Park.

I AM WATER (South Africa)

While I AM WATER is committed to advocating for high quality ocean management and using a global platform to publicize key research for conservation, they’re also about transforming ocean experiences. This organization facilitates physical and emotional connections to the aquatic world. They’re especially passionate about working with underprivileged coastal communities where, despite living within walking distance to the shore, young people have never seen the world beneath the waves.

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